003: Dollars and Sense in the Current and Future Cannabis Market

Some say that we are building the cannabis airplane while it’s flying, but maybe it’s more apt to say we are trailblazing in a poorly understood area with tractors in the way.  Banking is one of the large areas in the cannabis industry where the future isn’t clear yet.

Two Humboldt Cannabis Council members invite a banker and an industry advocate to discuss the future of banking regulation and running a cannabis business without access to traditional financial services. Does this mean “doom and gloom” for small family farmers in the Emerald Triangle, or is it just the new version of rebel business model?

Also discussed is the passage of SB 930, the history and replacements of the words “marijuana” and “blackmarket”, and personal stories about operating a business that still lacks legitimacy in the eyes of the federal government.

Ken Hamik – Futurist at Humboldt Green
Stephen Gieder – Owner of Northcoast Horticulture Supply & Humboldt Green
Michael McCoy – Chief Compliance Officer of Redwood Capital Bank
Chrystal Ortiz – Board Member of the International Cannabis Farmers Association

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